Water Soluble CBD


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water soluble cbd is the hot new thing on the market! Who needs to buy CBD infused water when you can turn any cup of water into a CBD solution? With this product you can do just that. Just one leveled scoop in 8-16 ounces of water is all you need to have some powerful CBD water. This powerful and potent powder has enough CBD to fullfill your needs in one scoop.

With water soluble cbd  you can consume your dose of CBD is that you can consume it secretively, also in public view without judgement. Generally, a cup of water doesn’t bring too much attention to yourself. It transportable either in water or powder form. You can prepare a bottle, canteen, or jug of CBD water and take it wherever you go. Yiu can also drink it on the go, at work, or pumping some iron.

One scoop of this substance contains 500mg of pure CBD. It is recommend that you put it in 8-16 ounces of water, or whatever amount you feel like drinking 500mg of CBD of. With more water comes more scoops. For example, if i have 16-24 ounces of water I might want to put in 2 scoops for 1,ooomg. Or I can put 2 scoops in 12 ounces of water if I want a stronger concentration. The possibilities are endless!

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