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was trolling. Like many Americans, the threat of coronavirus seemed like an otherworldly concern and not a force that’d begin to change the fabric of daily existence. “I was saying stay home and yelling. I was telling people they were going to get it,” Thug says. “I was even making jokes about the NBA with the players who got it.”

Then, just a week later, the Houston rapper informed his million-plus Instagram followers that he had tested posted for the virus, sharing a video of the experience. “I feel like I put myself in that position on accident by speaking on it so much,” he says. “At that point, I feel like I had to keep it real and be responsible and let everybody know it is real. I got it.”

Bunkered inside his Texas home, Slim Thug is in good spirits, but has a lot on his mind. He says he’ll be fine, physically and financially, but there are millions across the nation who won’t be.

As told to Charles Holmes.

I was staying home, trying to avoid it. I live by myself. I would go to the store to get a juice, go to the Target [and] pick up an XBox. I had on a mask and gloves. It was during spring break when it got serious and everybody was still out partying, I had already stayed home and was trying to avoid the situation. I did slight stuff, like I went and got a haircut. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. For the most part, I wasn’t in no crowds. I was making sure I wasn’t hanging ‘round nobody or nothing like that or nothing too crazy. Just the minimal stuff ended up still getting me

Slim Thug Own Words

I took a 24-hour test. It’s not no unbearable pain or nothing. It was just a simple swab of the nose. It was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t nothing that made me go too crazy. I got the results that next morning. My sister called me with the nurse on the phone. She told me, “I do have it — so stay home, self-quarantine for two-to-three weeks.” Then I got to go back up there, take another test. They just basically told me to stay home and don’t go nowhere. ‘Cause really it ain’t no cure or nothing, so you just try to fight it out. They told me drink hot liquids, take vitamin C and really fight it out, but I ain’t really have no serious, serious effects from this. It didn’t take me down too crazy. I was still active during this whole thing, moving around my house, getting up doing stuff.

[Coronavirus] has already affected me a lot on all ends. I had six shows canceled. No telling how long this is going to last or how long it’s going to affect us, but at the end of the day, I am prepared for it. I’m not living check-to-check or nothing. I’m prepared for it, but at the same time, I’m definitely going to take a huge L because of what’s going on. I hate to see that, especially with a young rapper — let’s say DaBaby. I’m sure he’s probably getting $100,000 everywhere he shows his face because it’s his prime and, right now, he missing all that money. You’ll never know if you’ll ever get that opportunity again.

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