Kush Cakes Relaxation Brownies


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Kush Cakes Relaxation Brownies

Kush Cakes Relaxation Brownies are one of the best edibles on the market. Unlike a real kush cake, they contain no THC and therefore 100% legal in all 50 states. With our blend of melatonin and Valerian Roots, they grant the same effects of real kush cakes. Additionally, lots of delicious chocolate. Just like a real kush cake, they deliver superior satisfaction without the risk of getting caught by the cops. Made from ingredients found in nature. We deliver to all 50 states. We are dedicated to delivering satisfaction in this crazy world of ours. therefore guaranteed freshness upon delivery.

Our cakes can help those who are in dire need of relaxation and a good sleep. Our blend of ingredients is the best aid for sleep for sleep anyone can get. Without the need of THC and a failed drug test. Just a little bite is all you need for a trip into Neverland. Instead of using dangerous drugs for sleep you can just use what nature has brought for us. Plus, a little dose of chocolate before bed never hurts. Eat one 2 hours before bedtime to give it time to metabolise in your body.

As a rule of thumb, just like a real kush cake, take only a little at a time. Only take one during a 24 hour period. No more, no less. This is for adult use and not to cure illness. This product does contain wheat and eggs. Do not eat more than one during a 24 hour period as it can make you sleep longer than average. Studies have shown that sleeping more then what your body needs can cause devastating effects on the body. From poor motor function, increased anxiety, and muscle atrophy. Plus, it is obvious what lack of sleep can do.



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