K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee 12 Pack


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K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee

K-Cup Hemp CBD Coffee Starts With a One of a Kind Premium Peruvian Coffee Bean. Which Is Then Painstakingly Infused With 10mg of Hemp Cbd Cannabinoids. This Coffee Will Not Only Provide You With a Great a Fresh Premium Roast but Also All of the Medicinal Benefits of Hemp Oil.

features a toasty dark roast that’s never burnt. Savor every sip of this Peruvian Hemp infused, heavy-bodied, coffee featuring full aroma and smoky deep flavor.

Hemp Coffee is the latest in healthy products for happy people. But, why trade in your average cup’o jo for this?

Whether you’re new to hemp, or an absolute purist who swears by it in their daily diet, it’s important to know that hemp contains more omega acids than any other plant.

If you don’t cook with hemp oil, or have difficulty finding time to cook omega-rich meals. Hemp coffee is a great way of injecting just the omega boost you need into your daily diet.

So what are the benefits of K-Cup Hemp Coffee?

It’s much easier on your tum and is much less acidic than regular coffee.

Our hemp coffee is made with organically roasted, fair-trade Peruvian coffee beans for a beautifully smooth yet bold flavor, with a hemp nut aftertaste.

So say bye-bye to the bitterness, baby! Our perfected blending process has made sure to eliminate that!