Handmade Glass Pipe

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Hand Made in Santa Fe New Mexico
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Random Colors Shipped


Handmade Glass Pipe Beautifully Wrapped and raked hand pipe will stand out in your collection.
  • Pipe is fumed for color changing effects
  • Pipe will grow and evolve with you after every use.
  • Thick glass made to last
Hand Made in Santa Fe New Mexico
Random Colors Shipped

Handmade Glass Pipe are one of the most classic ways to enjoy a smoke. Since glass hand pipes don’t require water, all you need is a lighter and some of your favorite dry herbs to get going if you have your pipe. Hand pipes are mostly small and portable, so they’ll fit easily into your pocket, and they’re perfect for on-the-go use. Combine their form factor with their ease of use, and you’ve got one practical smoking device. Whether you’re camping, riding a ski lift, or relaxing on a beach, a glass hand pipe has been a popular choice for smokers for decades. If you’re looking for a hand pipe with water filtration, browse our selection of bubblers.

Don’t worry though, hand pipes aren’t just for travelers. We all love a good couch sesh, and pipes can be a great addition to any glass collection. We carry glass pipes of all colors, shapes and sizes, so we’re sure to have the right glass piece for you. Carefully, we hand pick the most unique and interesting hand pipes for our online smoke shop, and we have a diverse selection of hundreds of hand blown glass pipes in stock and ready to ship.

Whether you call them glass pipes, spoons, bowls or hand pipes we all have great memories with these tools of the trade. The ease of use, durability and how easy they are to travel with make glass pipes the #1 used piece. We just call them – the perfect pipe.