Blue Skunk Special Feminized Seed




Blue Skunk Special Feminized Seed 10 pack

Indica 80 / Sativa 20
Origins: Blueberry x Northern Lights #5
Flowering: 53-58 days
Harvest: early November

Blue Skunk Special Feminized Seed was born when connoisseur breeder Krystal crossed Northern Lights #5 with a huge dominating male plant, the Blueberry #1, then backcrossed with Holland Skunk Special. Under optimum conditions this heavily indica hybrid is a big mama with large calyxes and purple-blue hues.

The “special” thing about Blue Skunk Special is that the skunk is in its name alone. The complex smell betrays no skunk heritage, instead giving off a berry aroma with a hint of spice and honeyed oil. Blue Skunk tastes like fruit with a dash of pepper, very kick backed and smooth. While this variety tends to keep a medium height, she has a stocky build with copious branching and large fan-shaped leaves.

Blue Skunk Special does especially well in an indoor professional environment or greenhouse. Once mistaken for an orange tree at first glance when growing in a greenhouse. The scent nevertheless makes it hard to miss her true identity. Hydroponic and soil setups are equally suitable. The tendency to branch makes it best suited as a large multiple branch plant. Blue Skunk can be tamed to work in a sea of green method. This plant also fares well in the great outdoors, growing as tall as 6 feet (2 meters).

Warning: This product can be detected in a drug test. Some companies find it reasonable to fire someone for having CBD in their system. You must use this responsibly in order to prevent disaster. Hence this next part. Hemp smells and looks like marijuana, a controlled substance in some parts of the US. Therefor some officials may arrest you for an easy mistake as such.